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Meet the Devs of Tower Rush! Claude

April 2024

Claude Gastelum

Community Manager and Producer

Tell us about yourself and your role in Solar Forge Games.

Hello! I'm Claude, and I am community manager, and also producer at Solar Forge Games! I mostly take care of all of the marketing needs, social media, and community hubs. With that, I also take care of all of the production needs of the team, like the sprint schedules, project planning, creating and assigning tasks, check ins, leading stand up, etc. It can get busy!

What have you enjoyed the most about developing Tower Rush?

I've really liked the fact that we are all a vital part of the dev process, we all wear many hats, and as a small team, we fill in for any needs. I really like that I'm able to refine my skills in the stuff I want to work on, and also do other parts of the dev process first hand!

Who is your favorite character, or card in Tower Rush?

I love Standard Bear!! His card art is super cool, and I love his lore and characterization. His power is also my play style. I love to shield up and run as fast as possible.

What is your favorite game, or the game that has inspired you the most?

My favorite game of all time is Link's Awakening. It means a lot to me! I also love Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 1 + 2, and The Last of Us (Part I and II). Currently though, I've been playing a ton of Fortnite.

Any recommendations for people who want to get into game development?

Make as many personal, and valuable connections as you can! Of course don't go out and bother people so much that you give off the wrong vibe, but make yourself known! Meet with recruiters, participate in open forums, etc. Also, have a strong portfolio that really demonstrates all of your skills and previous work.

What are your favorite hobbies?

I love fashion design and sewing! I just started crocheting like half a year ago, and it's been fun! I'm far more well versed with sewing, I've been doing it consistently for over 12 years, but I like the change of pace that crocheting is. Lots to learn still!

What is your favorite TV show?

I LOVE TV! Currently, I am really into Invincible and The Boondocks, but the shows I always go back to are Community and Better Call Saul. Super stoked for the next seasons of What We Do In The Shadows and Smiling Friends!!

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