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Meet the Devs of Tower Rush! Jacquelyn

April 2024

Jacquelyn Rawson

Chief Executive Officer

What is your role in Solar Forge Games?

My title is CEO, but I think of myself more as handling all the boring, business management stuff like registrations, taxes, insurance, budgeting, etc.

What is your favorite card in the game?

I love Hawkins! My strategy relies on speed, so he is essential. Besides, I love his attitude and visual style. He looks so sure we can win! (Also his name reminds me of a character from one of my favorite books.)

What have you enjoyed the most about developing Tower Rush?

It has been so exciting to see it move from Chris’s original concept--just a sketch--to a working prototype and finally to its current, beautiful state! This is the first game I’ve been involved with truly from conception through execution, and it has been fun and surprising the whole way.

What is your favorite game, or the game that has inspired you the most?

I love playing games with my kids, so my favorites right now are Sleeping Queens and Unstable Unicorns. After Tower Rush (of course), my next favorite mobile game is Battleheart by Mika Mobile. All of these prove that games can be both cute and challenging, accessible but scaling. In that sense, they definitely inspired what I hoped we could accomplish with Tower Rush.

What is your background? Did you go to school for game dev, or even see yourself going into games?

I actually have a background in academic publishing. Although I got an art degree in college, I worked with an amazing woman named Joann Abel who mentored me in what would become my first career, which I loved. I stepped back professionally after having my first few kids, though, and when I entered the workforce again after having my fifth child, I worked for a game development studio, which turned out to not be as different as I had expected!

Any recommendations for people who want to get into game development?

My biggest recommendation for anyone wanting to get started in game development is to collaborate with people you trust and enjoy as people. You are going to be spending a lot of time together, and you need to be able to learn from each other and trust each other enough to both give and receive feedback. If you start with that level of respect you can get through the crazy times, which are inevitable!

What are your favorite hobbies?

I love traveling because of the chance it gives you to see new things, eat new things, try new things. Lately I’ve been enjoying hiking as a way to enjoy the natural world. Last year I was lucky enough to hike the Inca Trail as well as cross the Grand Canyon! I also love reading, painting, and spending time with my family--they are my favorite people!

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