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Meet the Devs of Tower Rush! Sophia

April 2024

Sophia Barbour

Lead Narrative Designer

What is your role in Solar Forge Games?

I'm the Lead Narrative Designer for Solar Forge Games! I focus on composing the story, character development, and dialogue elements for the game, Tower Rush.

What is your favorite card in our game?

I love the Bomb Frog. He's such a happy little guy that makes things go "boom"! I enjoy his design a lot and his fun ability, whether I'm using him myself or see him skipping his way towards my base to end me.

What have you enjoyed the most about developing Tower Rush?

I've enjoyed the many hats I've gotten to wear. I've been able to see the development from different angles, and every area has been a joy to see blossom into what it is now. Especially seeing how the community is growing. I've never seen a game grow from the ground up and its honestly incredible to get to see that hype building into something awesome. Truly awe inspiring.

What is your favorite game, or the game that has inspired you the most?

A Plague Tale series. It isn't often you get to see a sibling dynamic in games. But when you do, its typically the most beautiful experience to me. The storytelling, visuals, and character development is a masterpiece. (Fought for my life to not say BG3, even though that's got my soul).

How does indie dev compare to AA/AAA?

There's an incredible charm and level of both passion and love that goes into an indie dev that is incomparable to AA/AAA games. There is a closer connection between the community and indie devs that tends to get lost with bigger or more prominent studios, which is one of the great many things that makes indie so charming.

Any recommendations for people who want to get into game development?

Jump in, regardless of if you don't have all your dotted I's or crossed T's or if you don't have the experience! Everyone's journey is different, but starting today can lead to a promising tomorrow.

If you couldn't do game dev, what do you see yourself doing instead?

Acting! I'm actually Voice Acting in my spare time and taking classes to improve my skills.

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