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Tower Rush Press Kit

Welcome to the Tower Rush press page! If you have any further inquiries, questions, or need the provided content in a different format, please let us know and we will get it to you as soon as possible.

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Meet Tower Rush, a PVP Tower Defense game, where you are the dethroned ruler of your magical kingdom. Fight against other players trying to take over your kingdom, and win it back! Play both offensively and defensively in Tower Rush, addressing imminent threats while planning for long-term domination. 


Chris Rawson, owner and lead engineer of Solar Forge Games, is a longtime fan of both PVP and tower defense games. A few years ago, he started wondering, why do tower defense games never seem to truly pit players against each other’s strategies? So for their first independent game, Solar Forge Games is tackling this problem to create the world’s first ever true PVP tower defense game!

Solar Forge Games, originally Sunshine Studio, was created by developer Chris Rawson. In 2022, he began collaborating with his friend Jake Muehle, a passionate game designer and developer, and made great breakthroughs. Now the studio is powered by a team of experienced developers and artists, bringing the world of Tower Rush to real life.

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This game is for you if…

  • Like quick matches against friends

  • Love deep lore and fun narratives in games

  • Enjoy challenging PVP battles

How to play:

Create a deck with the cards collected from battle! Upgrade cards to create stronger units. Have your champion lead your team to victory, and destroy the other unit’s fortress. Play online against other players, or start a match locally against friends! 

Conquer and reclaim your kingdom by setting offensive and defensive towers across a shared map. Use different strategies and adapt to your enemy’s playstyle in order to win.

Please email us at for a ZIP file that includes full quality captures and content!

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