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Join the fray and play Tower Rush by Solar Forge Games - a unique PvP tower defense game where you and your opponent play on a shared battlefield. 
Reap the rewards from wins after exciting battles; and upgrade your Troops and Towers to challenge players from all over the world!

Tower Rush is available on iOS and Android
Check out for links and more information!

Discover the Magic of Tower Rush


Current #1 Tower Rush Player:


With 2023 banners, congrats Rjak!

Previous top players:

Top player updated and announced every Friday by 5PM MST

Bug report? Please submit it here.

Please include as much information as possible, such as type of phone, area affected, if you are blocked from playing, and User ID Number (which can be found in the hamburger menu on the main page).
We also accept bug reports in our Discord server.

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